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Monday, September 27, 2010

Thankful Already!

I decided to check on the internet for tickets for my parents at Thanksgiving to come out to see me. It began as a little wish. I decided to take a peek and actually found a decent price for round trip tickets at that time. $300 per ticket is a great price for a holiday week. I was excited. So I called to badger my parents a little. Still thinking this was just a pie in the sky dream.

Damn it. Now I want pie.

Anyways, I called my mom and told her that there was a manditory meeting at my house during Thanksgiving week. That’s right. Turkey would be included. Gravy if the meeting went well. We laughed. She said she’d talk to dad and she hung up.

Then 30 minutes later she called back and said that dad told her he has never missed a mandatory meeting in his life and he’d be there. WHAT??? That’s right. They’d already purchased the tickets by the time they had called me back!!!

HURRAY! I get to see my parents on Thanksgiving! I am very thankful and it’s only September!

Tee hee!

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