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Friday, May 29, 2009

What A Great Day!

I had a friend from the past email me about my Etsy site and ask if I can make her a few hats for her photography business. I was really nervous about it at first but I decided to not charge her for them and let her pay me back in photos of them to use on my site. She was fine and dandy with that. Woot!

I have two custom orders from people at work for baby beanies already! My aunts also emailed me this afternoon to let me know they're going to be spreading my Etsy to all their relatives for baby gifts!!! So awesome!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beanie Bonanza!

I have had sooo much fun crocheting these little girl beanies!

I've made them in all sorts of sizes including 0-4 month, 4-6 month, and 6-12 month. They're just so cute! Made from yarn that includes post consumer recycled plastic it's eco friendly and so soft and adorible! I'm selling them on my etsy site for $5 each, no matter the size requested.

I recently purchased a wonderful visor beanie from Captured Imagination. They've got an awesome site and I'm VERY happy with my purchase. It's made very well and has an awesome fit! I'm very excited to be a proud owner!

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Today's song of the day is It's Raining, It's Pouring. I know...doesn't really have much substance but that's exactly what's going on today. It's raining and it's pouring and everyone is really crabby. I'd love to be at home, watching horrible TV, and crocheting those adorible new little beanies for my Etsy and Artfire sites. I have my Bath and Beauty items on showcase today and I'm hoping for a ton of hits. Tomorrow I'm showcasing my scarves. I'm hoping for a lot of hits and perhaps even some sales! ::crosses fingers::

I'm thinking about holding a giveaway. It's going to need some prep but I think I could make it work. Maybe sometime in June for these cute beanies I'm getting together. I'm taking pictures of them this afternoon and should have them up today sometime.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

As A Reminder...

Not only do I have my Etsy shop but also my Artfire Studio:

Have fun checking it out!

What A Weekend

Coming back after a holiday weekend is never easy but it is easier today since the weekend was so much fun. We had a blast canoeing and playing on the river. We had dinner on the river one night which was awesome. Nathan got to play in the water and see all sorts of wild life. I lost a shoe in the 3 foot deep mud, but it was all in good fun.

Keeping in mind this is my craft blog, here are some of my latest listings:

White Bath Poof

Just $4.50 to wash yourself in spa quality luxury!

Neutral Poof Set

Entire set is $6.00 for the poof and scrubbies!

I also made a toddler hat and have more newborn hats coming soon!

I got great news that I won the contest for Tickleworm's giveaway pouch! I'm so excited and I really admire her work. Read earlier posts for a link to her site.

I hope everyone had a wonderful 3 day weekend! Now get back to work!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New patterns = lots of fun!

I have been having a lot of fun with some new patterns I purchased or got off the web. First there was this:

It's a 2T-4T toddler beanie. I've listed it on my ETSY site for $5 plus shipping. It's very cute. My first hat done with a pattern instead of my own creation.

Then there was this:

I've learned how to make Bath Poofs and I've been having a blast. This one was my first and I've made another one and now I'm working on one. I plan to have a few up on Artfire and Etsy later this weekend. I need to take pictures and my camera has a dead battery.

I'm not JUST working on my sites this weekend. We have family in town and it has been tons of fun. We went on the boat this afternoon and got to spend some time at dinner and went to the ice cream parlor by the river. Nathan is having a great time showing off :) Such a little ham.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh What A Night

I am not doing so well on my song of the day idea, am I? Well, today I'd think "Oh What A Night" would fit least that part of it. I decided to try and work on a pattern for a cute beanie last night. Dear Lord. I ended up getting the top done know the hard part...and then messed up the rest. I figured out what I did though so I ripped it out and I'm starting over. It doesn't look like it's supposed to. I'm pretty sure that's because I'm using a bulky yarn and I shouldn't be in order to get the right look. Oh well. It's cute none the less and I'll be posting pictures once it is done. I'm itching to get back to work on it so I hope this day goes by fast!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring Giveaway Notice

The Muddy Moose ( is holding a spring giveaway with Tickleworm! I have actually fallen in love with Rachel's shop now and will be going their frequently to see her latest creations!

I'm not normally a fan of competition but I do love promoting shops I like, so I encourage you to post about her shop too and then link your post to The Muddy Moose's blog and get entered to win one of her awesome pouches!

Bottle it Up

I forgot to have a song of the day for Sunday but the one for Saturday worked really well since it was a great day and very sunny.

Today is turning out to be a wonderful day too. I had a sale on Etsy, which is awesomeness. It has been a very long time since that happened. I sold my cream colored scarf to Australia which is pretty cool! It's fun to think that something I made will be traveling to Australia where someone will be wearing it!

I'm still working on my newest baby blanket. I realized last night that it is going to take me longer then I thought. I figured I was further than I really am but it's progress. I find that items I make in white are big sellers. Look for many more white items in my shop to come ;)

Today's song of the day is "Bottle It Up" by Sara Bareilles. I'm in a very "all you need is love" kind of mood today and keeping my mind on what really is important to me besides all the little crap that happens daily. :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Walking on Sunshine

Song of the day would have to be Walking on Sunshine. "Whooah! And don't it feel good?"

I had a great mood today since there was nothing pressing that had to get done. My son and I just played all day! He even let me work on a new project (see earlier blog). It was an awesome day!

Angel Soft Baby Blanket

I'm currently working on a few projects but this one I started yesterday and I've actually gotten quite a ways done. It's a baby blanket, which will be 36"x36" when it's finished. It's made from Bernat baby Boucle' in white and is very soft. I'm about 1/3 of the way done so far. It's going to be going up in my Etsy shop, as I currently don't have anyone to make a baby blanket for. I'm thinking the price will be around $15 which is pretty inexpensive for a baby blanket which could also be used as a photo prop for someone who photographs newborns. I'm going to make a matching hat as well, once I'm done with the blanket.

I've actually gotten a little farther than this now. I plan on being done by the end of the week if I can work on it every night once I get home. Should be easier with school being done! I'll get some pictures of the scarf in process and maybe a few of my other projects once I have a minute...that is, if I'm not working diligently on this blanket!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm Too Sexy

Alright, so to me this sounds like a great idea...announce a song a day that really portrays what type of mood I'm in or kind of day I'm having. I got the idea this as I drove home from work yesterday. I was thinking about how I was feeling like a bit of an emotional nutcase yesterday and on came the song by Sheryl Crow called "Strong Enough". It completely fit my mood.

Today, is my birthday and I'm not really chosing a song. It was chosen for me by my friends at work. I got to work and all my friends had the I'm Too Sexy song by Right Said Fred in their heads and they changed the words to fit me and my position at work. You's the I'm Too Sexy for my car song! They're crazy. I love them. It does fit my whimsicle mood today. I think you have to be whimsicle on your birthday, it's the law ;)



Happy Birthday to me! In celebration, all scarves in my Etsy shop have free shipping. If someone would ever buy would MAKE MY DAY! So, go on, have a good look and buy a scarf!

No big plans for today or the weekend. With my husband away for work, my little one and I will be playing indoors (thanks to the rain) and cleaning up for his return.

I was invited over for dinner tonight at a friends. It sounded like a great idea but as the afternoon goes on, I long for some couch time. However, if we go over there, I don't have to cook and we don't have to stay long. That could be a great idea. We'll see how I start feeling around 3pm.

I'm going to finish my latest scarf this weekend and perhaps even start a new baby blanket. I was inspired by one my husbands' grandma made for Nathan before she passed. I'd like to do something like it for a possible baby gift for someone in the future.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Yarns on Order!

I love love love buying new yarn. This is the reason I have so many in my closet and craft room I can barely keep track, but I can't help it. Yesterday I happend upon a sale for cotton yarn I use to make dish towels and washcloths. I bought 8 different colors! I'm so excited.

I also purchased 5 skeins of this beautiful baby blue mohair called Halo. I can't wait to get my hands on it and see what it wants to become. Maybe a beautiful baby blanket? Or perhaps I can try my hand at a baby sweater? We shall see what happens but I am very excited about the prospects!

I've been knitting a scarf for the last few weeks (as you can probably guess, I haven't been spending much more time than a few rows a night) and it's turning out very cool. It is with the same yarn as I worked with for my Summer tote.

These colors mixed make a very bright and fun scarf. I will post once finished for sure!

Here is to being finally done with finals and spending a little time doing what I love!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday!

My son is 4 years old today.

There's a lot that happened before he was born. I was put on bed rest for most of the pregnancy. He wanted to come out at just 5 months along. I knew then we had an impatient one on our hands. ;) He was actually a month early when he came. We couldn't stop him any longer. He had enough of us pushing back because he was ready.

Today he's the same way. Always up early and ready to go. He hates waiting for anything is very impatient...just like his mother. Today he's four and I can't help but think about how amazing he has made the last 4 years of my life.

From the time he was born until today, no one has made me so angry, scared, confused, worried, happy, giggly, or content. He is the most precious gift.

I know most moms feel this way about their children. It would be a shame to not. I pray that all the moms I know have an excellent mother's day!

I'm going to relish in the company of my husband and son this weekend and remind myself that is what life really is about.