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Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year...

It has been a very busy holiday season! This year we're traveling to see my parents in Nevada. We'll spend a few days in San Diego for Christmas and then come back to Nevada. It's a little sad, as I wont get to see any friends or other family in California, but at least it will be time with the family who I never get to see.

We decided to take a plane after much thought and planning. Actually, it was a complete surprise that we wouldn't be driving but I believe things happen for a reason and when our plans to drive fell through I took it as a sign. Flying will be easier, shorter, and we get to spend even more time with the family. All 13 days can be spent with family instead of 6 of them just in driving time (3 there and 3 back). I'm not sure how to get all these presents with us but we'll get it done. Just have to take less clothes or something. LOL.

My Etsy shop has actually been busy even though I haven't spent much time on it. Honestly I've not advertised or done much for the last 4 months. I still get about an order a week which I'm thankful for. The extra cash is nice, especially around the holidays. I haven't done anything new or exciting which is why I haven't posted any pictures. Actually, I did make a few really cute hats for a cousin of mine. I wish I had taken pictures of those but I didn't.

Pregnancy is going well. We're at 14 weeks. It's amazing how fast it is all going!! I can feel the baby from time to time but still very light. Nothing too crazy. I'm craving orange juice like crazy and really enjoy breakfast food rather than anything else...besides chocolate. I love anything sweet.

I've still been sick to my stomach but it is getting better. Overall this pregnancy is much easier than my first. No passing out, no high blood pressure (yet), no real issues besides the morning sickness. Oh, and I'm already popping out. It's pretty funny to be out of all my clothes already but lucky for me my mom sent a gift card for some new clothes before the holiday season. I'm just an early show-er. I was with Nathan and it's even worse this time. :)

The season has been busy but it's all been fun. Once it is vacation time things will be even better.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Whatever your religion or beliefs, may it be a time of love and laughter!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We're supposed to be getting a blizzard this evening. 6-18 inches which is a pretty wide range. I love how weather people can be that vague and still get paid. It's like me saying "we will get between 100 and 10,000 units out today" Just isn't acceptable that way is it? However, I guess that's why they get paid the big bucks...and I do not.

Today we heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time. We are at 13 weeks and SO EXCITED. Hearing the heartbeat always makes it that much more real. I started crying and I could tell Mike was 100x more relieved now that we could hear it. Best sound ever.

Well, here is to the blizzard. We shall see how bad it actually gets. Hopefully not to bad and people show up to work tomorrow.