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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ch ch ch changes!

There was once someone who told me that every seven years your life changes dramatically...or maybe it was just your taste buds that change? Anyways, for me it seems to hold true.

When I was 14 (I don't remember much of 7) I moved from where I grew up to a new town where I didn't know anyone and the culture was so different. While it was just 2 hours away from where I grew up, it might has well have been 24 hours or around the globe. It was a huge change to go from such a diverse neighborhood to a much less diverse one.

Huge things happened for me at 21. I think they do for most people. At 21 I got married and moved to the midwest from the West coast. It was insane. Another culture shock for me but even more so learning to be a wife and being so far away from everything I knew. At 21 I learned that a marriage is a team of 2 navagating in the world unknown. It was a huge change.

Now we're at 28...

This year has been insane. Not only because we've had our 2nd child this year but also because I'm completely switching gears career wise. I've been working in Lean Management and continuous improvements both organizationally and just in manufacturing for nearly three years now. Three years is enough time to feel like you finally know what you're doing and honestly, I really thought I'd be doing this forever. But as well all know nothing is final. Management changes and so forth have caused me to take a deep look at myself and I realized that WOW I am not really happy with what I'm doing. Manufacturing is interesting but I feel secluded. I like working with the entire organization which is what I will be doing in my new position.

I've gotten a new job doing product development management with my current organization. HOW AWESOME IS THAT??? I'll be in charge of developing and managing change within our current homecare line! I am so stoked! I am beyond nervous about this change but there are a lot of people who have already told me they think this is a good fit for me. I am so excited about the opportunity and also the challanges ahead.

So, with the new career change, new baby, and new love for mustard this has been one heck of a year for change. I guess every seven years does come with change for me. Both for my personal life and my taste buds :)

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