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Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Little Men

Aren't they so cute?
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I love these dudes. They are going to be the best of buddies.

They were both so crabby and then I laid them by each other and whalaa! Happy campers. It gave mom a chance at a cute pic and then of course a moment to brush her teeth before bedtime :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Thankful Already!

I decided to check on the internet for tickets for my parents at Thanksgiving to come out to see me. It began as a little wish. I decided to take a peek and actually found a decent price for round trip tickets at that time. $300 per ticket is a great price for a holiday week. I was excited. So I called to badger my parents a little. Still thinking this was just a pie in the sky dream.

Damn it. Now I want pie.

Anyways, I called my mom and told her that there was a manditory meeting at my house during Thanksgiving week. That’s right. Turkey would be included. Gravy if the meeting went well. We laughed. She said she’d talk to dad and she hung up.

Then 30 minutes later she called back and said that dad told her he has never missed a mandatory meeting in his life and he’d be there. WHAT??? That’s right. They’d already purchased the tickets by the time they had called me back!!!

HURRAY! I get to see my parents on Thanksgiving! I am very thankful and it’s only September!

Tee hee!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Mi Vida Loca or Something Like That

I finally updated my Etsy site after a long time of not doing so. In fact, I realized I let it get down to just 12 items available for sale. I can do a lot more then that. I guess I've been busier than I thought. It occurred to me today that I have little time for anything else these days.

People ask me often "how do you do it". Normally, I reply with "do what" because it catches me off guard. I guess I am busy with school, work, kids, etsy site, and then the general living cleaning, cooking, and playing stuff. My life is booked. Yet, for some reason I find it necessary to fill it even fuller. Like bowling league first Wednesday of every's fun but it's something else to keep track of. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.

I am so excited it is Friday. Besides catching up school this weekend I plan on making more hats like crazy. It's that time of year and I have to get them done...I have two baby blanket/hat sets to make for some friends of mine who are both due in January. That seems like a far enough time away but it's pretty close actually. Especially with me making blankets. Those take me forever.

Alright, enough blogging. Dog is outside and needs to be brought in, Nathan wants a new movie, Jacob is sleeping but only for's almost bottle time, Mike is sick on the couch, and I still have to get those hats done ;) Life is crazy...but worth it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New color choice - Dark Sage and Tan!

It's amazing how you meet people randomly and a relationship forms. I met Tammy at her garage sale this summer. She had her business card on the table and I told her about my Etsy store. We decided to exchange information and business. I make hats, she takes pics of them. Easy trade and she's local. She picks them up right from my mailbox. It is awesome. Here are the first fruits of our labor. I am in LOVE with these pics.


Of course, this hat will be available on my Etsy store later this week. I just had to blog about them right away. ;) Sneak peek for you!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh Sew Fine

Part of the reason I started this blog was to showcase my Etsy store as well as others that I came across. With being so busy, I don't always have time to show off my mad skills but even less I show off others. However this time I can't lose the opportunity to show off an awesome find.

I recently purchased these mittens from I have been looking at her site for a long time and finally made the choice to purchase these adorable mittens. I am SO happy that I did. They fit perfectly, are yummy fleece inside, and so warm! Perfect for the winter weather ahead.

She has lots of other choices. I am considering a few others for some Christmas presents. They would be perfect gifts for christmas. Nice price point and actually useful!

Check her out! You will not be sorry.

Post 100?!

I'm actually a little shocked. Post 100 already? I don't feel like I pay this blog much attention, or at least didn't until Vox kicked me out. But these days I'm blogging away on here. Enough apparently that I've already reached 100 posts. Hurray for me! I should celebrate or something.

Today was a great day. Day one of my new position. I had a good day learning the ropes on a few projects and finding a vendor to help with an amazing product launch. I am excited about that. I really want to do well so this would be a good start.

I'm seriously behind in school work. After my internet being down yesterday I lost a whole day...considering I was already behind 3, no good. YIKES! I think I'll be able to catch up tonight and tomorrow but it's gong to take me concentrating. Not blogging. Yep. Bad Jessica.

So, on that note I'm off. More to come. Here's to another 100 posts!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Guess Who Got A Pass To Not Do Dishes?

My mangled finger after stitches from the ER. I was washing dishes and cut my pinky and top of my hand. Hurts like crazy but the pain meds are starting to kick in. :)
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Taking The Night Off

Yep. I’m taking the night off from school and cleaning in order to spend some time with my kiddos. I’ve been so busy with school, work, and stuff that I needed some cuddle time with the babies. Jacob was quick to slip off into sleep. He downed a bottle and then was off to la la land. I napped too. It was nice until the dog woke me up. Jacob is still sleeping next to me. He is cuddled in blankets and so comfy.

Nathan needed a night time story read. I found out while I was with Jacob, Nathan was coloring me a picture. It’s beautiful with lots of colors and he did very well staying in the lines. I can’t believe how much his coloring has improved in just the short time between preschool and kindergarten. He also came home with paperwork with words written on them. WORDS! Cat, ball, and dog but these are the start! It’s amazing to know my kid is reading and writing. He’s doing a wonderful job.

Now, it’s time to wind down…blog a little. Then get ready for bed and relax. Tomorrow is my last day in my old job and I am so excited to start next week in a new role. Taking the night off to remember what is important and take the edge off a little was a great idea.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jacob at 3 Months

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This is my chunky, adorable, easy going, life loving, smiling, precious, little BIG DUDE! He's 3 months old and in 9-12 month clothing. YEP. 9-12 MONTHS!!! We have some serious shopping to do this paycheck. We've gone through ALL the clothes given to us for his birth. Thanks for trying everyone but he went through EVERYTHING in just 3 months. Oh well.

He isn't just a chunk. He's TALL. Over 25 inches long already. I know 8 month olds smaller than he is.

I love him :)

So Sweet

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This is a picture of my two sons. I love that they like each other. At least as long as Jacob is still immobile :)

They were dedicated last Sunday at church. We waited forever to do this with Nathan but it was well worth dedicating them together. It was a great experience and we know they will grow up in the church just like we did and live a life walking in faith. I don't consider myself a very "religious" person but I do have a side of me that is very spiritual and God loving. I hope that my boys grow up the same.

Enough of that...this pic is of Nathan reading his kid Bible that he got from Grandma to Jacob :) He was telling him the story of Adam and Eve. It was pretty cute. I thought I was going to spit out my coffee a few times from laughing. Apparently taking him to a Christian preschool was a good investment because he learned a great deal about sin and snakes...and how they will trick you to eat apples ;)

Hopefully he keeps his love for reading going and continue to love reading to his brother. After taking this picture momma got a much needed 30 minutes alone to do some dishes. Woopdido!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Ever have the feeling where you feel like you've already been through today like 20 times in the time it took to actually complete the day? It was about 2pm when I started thinking about everything I had done that day and realized WOW that was this morning and it still is TUESDAY! Ugh. I'm so looking forward to the weekend. I'm not sure where all my motivation is but it isn't at home or doing school work. I cannot get into this semester and I've tried...oh I've tried. I'm going to be late submitting my midterm and in fact I'll be spending my lunch at home tomorrow so that I can work on my project. It's a good idea to do that as I need every last point in this course.

Work is going least 1/2 the day where I can spend time in my new role. I am anxious to start working full time in Marketing. I have a lot of projects I want to get started on and it is hard to switch mindsets so quickly during the day from manufacturing to marketing. By 3pm arrives I'm finally in the swing of things and I leave at 4pm. It's a bummer.

Mike has been sick. I've been feeling crappy. Nathan is adjusting to Kindergarten. He's doing awesome there but coming home overwhelmed and exhausted. His attitude is a bear but he's still a good kid. Jacob is little and cute but needy and sometimes even though it's adorable...I have things to do. Momma is feeling overwhelmed herself I guess.

Perhaps this is why I woke up with 2 panic attacks last night?


Oh well. Time to try for a good night's sleep and get back at it tomorrow. Here's to hopefully getting ahead one day.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Finally Saturday

Finally the week is over. Here is Saturday and what do I have to do? Tons of school work. It's a total bummer. No one likes to spend their sunny 70 degree Saturday indoors but that's what I'm doing.

I think what ticks me off about it the most is that I knew I didn't have it in me this semester and asked for it off. My advisor advised against it since I've already taken 3 terms off this year. You know, to have a baby and stuff. I don't believe that should count against me, but anyways...

I'm also working hard on hats. :) I have had a few orders this week since we are nearing the fall weather. I also need to make hats for my own peewees. Pics shortly.

Baby back soon

Monday, September 6, 2010

Kindergarten Here We Come...

I cannot believe it...

My Nathan is going to kindergarten tomorrow. I thought I'd be fine with it. Honestly, it's freaking me out a little how nervous I am about the whole thing. Since he was 6 weeks old he has been in daycare. Last year he started preschool and I was fine with it but this is real school, at a real brick building, with kids who are all the way to the 4th grade.

Sigh. The first day the parents are required to show up and stay for a few hours with the kid during orientation. I decided to take the day off tomorrow so I can spend the day with him when it's all over too. I am happy to spend this time with my son who is growing so fast. Today it's kindergarten and tomorrow he'll be asking for my keys to drive the car. I mean, when I'm going through this with Jacob, Nathan will be starting middle school. That is a scary thought because of how fast all of this has gone.

There is nothing that means more to me then my boys. Being a mother has changed me completely and knowing he's growing older and going to learn and be his own person makes me so very proud.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ch ch ch changes!

There was once someone who told me that every seven years your life changes dramatically...or maybe it was just your taste buds that change? Anyways, for me it seems to hold true.

When I was 14 (I don't remember much of 7) I moved from where I grew up to a new town where I didn't know anyone and the culture was so different. While it was just 2 hours away from where I grew up, it might has well have been 24 hours or around the globe. It was a huge change to go from such a diverse neighborhood to a much less diverse one.

Huge things happened for me at 21. I think they do for most people. At 21 I got married and moved to the midwest from the West coast. It was insane. Another culture shock for me but even more so learning to be a wife and being so far away from everything I knew. At 21 I learned that a marriage is a team of 2 navagating in the world unknown. It was a huge change.

Now we're at 28...

This year has been insane. Not only because we've had our 2nd child this year but also because I'm completely switching gears career wise. I've been working in Lean Management and continuous improvements both organizationally and just in manufacturing for nearly three years now. Three years is enough time to feel like you finally know what you're doing and honestly, I really thought I'd be doing this forever. But as well all know nothing is final. Management changes and so forth have caused me to take a deep look at myself and I realized that WOW I am not really happy with what I'm doing. Manufacturing is interesting but I feel secluded. I like working with the entire organization which is what I will be doing in my new position.

I've gotten a new job doing product development management with my current organization. HOW AWESOME IS THAT??? I'll be in charge of developing and managing change within our current homecare line! I am so stoked! I am beyond nervous about this change but there are a lot of people who have already told me they think this is a good fit for me. I am so excited about the opportunity and also the challanges ahead.

So, with the new career change, new baby, and new love for mustard this has been one heck of a year for change. I guess every seven years does come with change for me. Both for my personal life and my taste buds :)