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Sunday, January 22, 2012

When Is a Crochet Hat Worth $100?

A friend of mine is doing the 3 Day Walk for the Susan G. Komen foundation. Her page can be found here and I believe that you'll be touched by her personal story and determination.

I thought about how I would love to help and then it hit me. POW! I could make beanies and when someone donated $100 or more they would get a FREE beanie! Now it isn't just any beanie. It's a special beanie that would get the person wearing it noticed. Something that would attract attention and get people asking questions. Perhaps even interested in making a donation (no matter how small) themselves. This is why with great pride I introduce you to the BOOBIE BEANIE.

You can purchase this listing here.

I'm also giving FREE SHIPPING to anyone who donates any amount of money. I can also make another beanie or head warmer for those who don't fancy wearing a boobie beanie on their head.

Thank you to everyone who reads this and takes a moment to check out the listing. It is important to remember that someone out there needs our help, no matter how small. While I can't give $100 myself I hope that I can help encourage someone who can.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Years Everyone!

Wow, again it has been some time since I last posted. Hard to keep up with the bloggin when so much is going on. I have been on vacation the last 11 days and today was the final day down. Going to miss being home but it will be nice to get back on schedule. I have worked on a variety of projects and got my hookin on many times during the last two weeks.

Recently I purchased a few patterns from PlayinHookyDesigns She has an amazing variety and if you crochet I highly recommend going over to her store and picking up a few patterns. This hat is made with one of her patterns and I was able to do it in a variety of ways. This one is in purple and yellow (Vikings or Lakers colors) and can be done in any team colors to show your spirit! Or use your favorite colors. Can be done in two or three different colors for best effect. Selling in my Etsy store for $20 each right now.
I made this one for my husband who is a huge fan of the Lions. It is done in blue, white, and grey. Picture doesn't really do it justice but it is super warm and easy to care for.

Another one of her awesome patterns is a houndstooth headband. Here are a few pictures of the headbands I made using this pattern. Each is super warm and lots of fun. You are sure to stand out in a crowed wearing one of these. Can be made in two colors of your choice. Again, a great way to show your team spirit! They're also REVERSABLE! Selling in my store for $15.

I got a few giftcards to my favorite yarn store here in town and I treated myself to some pricey Noro wool and silk yarn. BEAUTIFUL. Here is what I made for MYSELF! That's right. I finally made myself something during my vacation. I LOVE it. If I were to sell this one in my store (due to the high price of the yarn) I'd sell it for close to $45.

Much more to come shortly, I seem to be on a roll. It has been a great Holiday season and we're all hoping for a very happy new year!

May your 2012 be blessed!