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Friday, March 16, 2012

More Of A Personal Update...

Well, blogging has been suffering as my plate continues to overflow! I apologize! My full time job has blown up to include much traveling and long hours spent at the office and on the computer at home. I love what I do, but boy does it take a toll on my crochet time! I have been doing what I can to spend some good time with the babies. Here are some recent highlights.

Jacob is developing a personality of his own. He is super funny and silly. Most kids like to play but Jacob is going to be a class clown for sure. He will do anything to make you laugh and he loves just dancing and singing and being carefree. He has decided that he doesn't like to eat lately unless it is mac n cheese or in the form of a nugget. He loves to play with anything Nathan is touching. He also loves to be doing whatever Nathan is doing.

Nathan is the best big brother I've ever met. Honestly, I've never seen a kid be so patient and kind to a younger sibling. It is rare that I hear Nathan telling Jacob no or asking him to leave him alone. Nathan is an expert at helping mom and honestly she couldn't do it without him some days! Nathan is about to finish the 1st grade. While he had a rough beginning he is doing very well now and his teacher is impressed with his improvement. Nathan loves reading and constantly comes up with smart questions to ask and tell us about all the things he learns. He is also getting super tall. He will be towering over me in just a few years.

Mike and I continue to be very busy with our careers. Both of us are experiencing some huge growth and responsibilities and in order to take care of our family there is a lot of give and take. I'm blessed to have a partner in life to work together through the busy life we have. We manage to take time for ourselves but for the most part we just enjoy being home with the kids and playing around.

With's time to say goodbye with hopes that updates with be less infrequent! Hope you enjoyed the update.