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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So Sweet

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This is a picture of my two sons. I love that they like each other. At least as long as Jacob is still immobile :)

They were dedicated last Sunday at church. We waited forever to do this with Nathan but it was well worth dedicating them together. It was a great experience and we know they will grow up in the church just like we did and live a life walking in faith. I don't consider myself a very "religious" person but I do have a side of me that is very spiritual and God loving. I hope that my boys grow up the same.

Enough of that...this pic is of Nathan reading his kid Bible that he got from Grandma to Jacob :) He was telling him the story of Adam and Eve. It was pretty cute. I thought I was going to spit out my coffee a few times from laughing. Apparently taking him to a Christian preschool was a good investment because he learned a great deal about sin and snakes...and how they will trick you to eat apples ;)

Hopefully he keeps his love for reading going and continue to love reading to his brother. After taking this picture momma got a much needed 30 minutes alone to do some dishes. Woopdido!

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