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Monday, September 20, 2010

Post 100?!

I'm actually a little shocked. Post 100 already? I don't feel like I pay this blog much attention, or at least didn't until Vox kicked me out. But these days I'm blogging away on here. Enough apparently that I've already reached 100 posts. Hurray for me! I should celebrate or something.

Today was a great day. Day one of my new position. I had a good day learning the ropes on a few projects and finding a vendor to help with an amazing product launch. I am excited about that. I really want to do well so this would be a good start.

I'm seriously behind in school work. After my internet being down yesterday I lost a whole day...considering I was already behind 3, no good. YIKES! I think I'll be able to catch up tonight and tomorrow but it's gong to take me concentrating. Not blogging. Yep. Bad Jessica.

So, on that note I'm off. More to come. Here's to another 100 posts!

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