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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oops! I forgot!

Hello Blog World,

I had officially forgotten about my blog until a friend of mine asked me to look at pictures on her blog. Wow! Oh yeah! I used to blog too! Here are some updates:

1. My Etsy store is still up and moving along. Things have slowed but they do that during the start of spring. I plan on having more photo prop hats up soon but I've been really on.

2. I'm in my 4th Masters' class at this time. I can't believe how intense these classes are. I feel overwheled most days but I love what I'm learning. I'm just hoping all this work will end up in extra money when I'm done.

3. We are now 24 weeks pregnant! We start our 3rd trimester in just another week. I am having so much fun this pregnancy. It is nothing like my first pregnancy with my son Nathan. We are having another Boy! I'm excited. I would have liked to have had a girl this time BUT I know having two boys will be a ton of fun. I don't have any belly pictures yet but I plan on getting on that.

4. Work - we will leave this out of this blog. I'm having too good of a day to think about it. :)

That's about it...well it seems that way. We've been so busy it's all sort of a whirl wind. Hopefully I remember to post again before we have the baby :)