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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Taking The Night Off

Yep. I’m taking the night off from school and cleaning in order to spend some time with my kiddos. I’ve been so busy with school, work, and stuff that I needed some cuddle time with the babies. Jacob was quick to slip off into sleep. He downed a bottle and then was off to la la land. I napped too. It was nice until the dog woke me up. Jacob is still sleeping next to me. He is cuddled in blankets and so comfy.

Nathan needed a night time story read. I found out while I was with Jacob, Nathan was coloring me a picture. It’s beautiful with lots of colors and he did very well staying in the lines. I can’t believe how much his coloring has improved in just the short time between preschool and kindergarten. He also came home with paperwork with words written on them. WORDS! Cat, ball, and dog but these are the start! It’s amazing to know my kid is reading and writing. He’s doing a wonderful job.

Now, it’s time to wind down…blog a little. Then get ready for bed and relax. Tomorrow is my last day in my old job and I am so excited to start next week in a new role. Taking the night off to remember what is important and take the edge off a little was a great idea.

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