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Monday, May 30, 2011

Is it Tuesday Yet?

It has been a rough week...

My car died. With just $1500 dollars we don't have it can be fixed!

Then my grandma died...sorry to report but no $1500 fix there. Wishful thinking. Stupid dead car took all my money so I couldn't run out to California and be with my family. I know it is stupid but I really feel like beating my car up with a baseball bat. Since that would add to the bill, I will stop myself.

Once I thought it couldn't get worse my dad ended up in the ER with a nose bleed from his blood thinners that he takes for his heart. It was pretty bad and took hours to stop. I worry about that guy a lot. ::insert worried look here::

It's also finals. I can't keep my mind on the finals. It all just blurrs and before I know it I'm traveling Etsy and Facebook for items and updates to block out the pain and over thinking.

To end this post that has gotten all down...I shall end with some cute pics of the kids taken this weekend. We did have some great times at the park and over at Mike's parents house so the weekend wasn't allll bad. Just rough.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

5x7 Folded Card

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Friday, May 27, 2011

May You Rest Sweetly Grandma Nonie Tague

My grandma is the lovely lady in blue. The other two are my Aunt Marcia and Nancy.

Even though you know it is coming it doesn't make it any easier.

When my grandpa died 8 years ago we figured it wouldn't take very long for my grandmother to pass. They had been together for nearly 60 years at that point and when you're with someone that long (since she was 15) you don't want to be without them. This is why we were shocked that she made it this long but that doesn't make her passing any easier.

My grandmother played a huge role in my childhood. I can remember going to the desert when I was very young and taking me on walks with my grandpa, learning about my family, desert snakes, and collecting random desert treasures. She read me books. I played with her really awesome dolls (she had an amazing collection). I can remember how her ham sandwiches tasted better than any other sandwiches in the world. She also made the best chocolate cake.

When I got older I decided it was boring to be at grandmas. I still would snuggle by her and breathe in the fragrance of her baby powder and White Shoulders mix of old lady-ness. I can remember doing this even when I was in my 20s. It was comforting.

When I was 12 I had to do a report on a member of my family. We made the 3 hour drive to visit my grandma where I asked a few questions but learned hours of information about her life. She was born into a very liberal family. One of the only ones around. She could remember her father protesting against seperation way before the civil rights movement. She was borrn in the depression days and knew first hadn what it was like to be hungry and not have much. She also could remember how they were the rich ones of the family, and they were dirt poor.

She was mad when her cousins moved into the house and so talked my grandpa (18 at the time) to take her in. My grandpa, being an upstanding man, told her if they did that they would have to marry. She shocked the heck out of him and agreed to his proposal. Though I really wonder if it was one at the time. :)

There was so much more to the story and I loved to listen to each detail. It was hard to believe that my grandmother, the desert rat, lived such a different life.

We never talked about deep things in my life. She wasn't that type of grandmother. We would talk about school and my time in gymnastics, singing, ice skating, karate, or whatever I was doing at the time. She always seemed interested. That's all I needed.

When she got very ill a few months ago things progressed very fast. A week ago she fell and spent the night on the floor before my Aunt came over and found her. They took her to the hospital and she mad a massive heart attack. Today, she passed away peacefully in her sleep.

She is in heaven with my grandpa, after so many years without him I'm sure she's pretty happy to be seeing him again :) Someday I'll get to see her again too. As she once told me and my sisters "There are stars up in the heaven for all of us so we can all be together."

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hot Off The Hook: Pink and White Ear Warmer

Oh Yes...rather than doing school work or working on some other orders I have in que I decided to do something short so I can once again feel accomplished. I bought this pattern a few days ago from and decided to give it a whirl. I had some superwash wool that I had yet to find a home project for so I got it out and started working with it.

This is the result!! LOVE IT! It is a pattern that can be accomplished in a few hours and really made an outstanding ear warmer. In fact, it's now for sale on my site if you go here Mommy's Time Out

Yes, it's Spring and almost Summer so why am I doing ear warmers? I love camping and it still gets cold and this would be perfect! Not a bulky hat but something to keep the chill off. It's also Winter in Australia and I do sell a few items Down Under now and again.

So what is next? I'm working on a cute Turtle photography prop outfit, a pink felted baby cocoon, and some more head bands (but more for spring). I'm also still trying to get some more animal beanies and diaper covers done. FULL LOAD!

More posted later :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weighing In...

I have always had a problem with my weight. Ever since puberty reared its ugly head, I was chuberiffic. Yep, a regular fatty. There was once in the college days right before I met my husband that I decided NOT to eat and I lost 40 pounds. Then one day I ate again and gained it all back...with some. Then I had a kid and added an extra 20. Then, instead of losing that I gained 20 more with the second.

Now I'm 80 pounds overweight and hating it.

So I've joined I tried it before but wasn't committed so I cut my membership. I'm back though. It's a lot like weight watchers but without points, just plain ol' calorie counting and fat intake monitoring. You know, the crappy stuff. I have a goal, it tells me what is good and what is bad. It gives me happy faces for intake of vitamins. It tells me when I eat too much fat or sugar.

I don't plan on taking you all on a weight loss journey but I will keep you updated. I know many have weight issues, so if this site does work for me it might help other readers. Or not.

Time will tell.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Nathan!!

It is late and I am exhausted but the feeling like I should blog has taken over and hopefully it will go well. This blog post deserves it.

My son was born May 8th, 2005. He tried to be born much earlier than that. In fact, I was only 5 months pregnant when I started having contractions and dialating. It was a horrific idea that I was going to lose this baby I had already come to love so much. I had lost the baby before Nathan and I couldn't imagine going through it again.

So, May 5th I was admitted to the hospital at nearly 8 months pregnant and they decided I had to last until the 8th so I could be exactly 8 months. I was confused why three days made such a difference but they dosed me heavy with medication that made me confused, nervous, and twitchy.

May 8th they finally prepared me for labor and delivery of what would be my first, and most special Mother's Day present.

This year, six years later, Nathan's birthday is once again on Mother's Day and it has hit me very hard how much he has grown. My little tiny 5 pound 6 oz. baby has grown into a very tall, skinny, awkward, loveable, funny, witty, sassy, and over all one of the sweetest children I have ever met.

While most of my time has been spent taking care of our newest family member, my son has growing into a very vibrant, school aged dude. Today, he had a birthday party with friends he has grown up with his whole life and those he recently befriended from school. We decided since EVERY YEAR it rains on his birthday party day we would have his party in a gym. So, today was a gorgeous day for a BBQ and we had 8 little men (and one darling little lady) running around a gym, jumping on trampolines, falling into foam pits, and playing in a jump house. It was SUCH a great time. My kid got to be completely goofy as well as the star of the show. If you have a Kid Sport in town, it's a great place to have a party.

The day was perfect. All his friends were there. The cake was a perfect size and decorated in skate boards (which he loves). All the kids behaved well. Nathan got TONS of new toys (which makes me think about all the ones we need to store away for our next garage sale).

Nathan looked at me and said "Mom, this is really the best day ever."

Epic. Win.

After the party we dropped Jacob off at Mike's parents and took Nathan to a special dinner with mommy, daddy, and our good friends Mara and her mom Allison. We went to a hibachi grill where Nathan was dazzled by the cook. He made sure Nathan felt EXTRA special on his birthday. Sure, it was quite the hit to the pocket book but it was worth it to watch his face as the cook lit the fire on the grill and made a volcano. It was worth it to make this day special.

Then, as if it couldn't have gotten better, we took him for ice cream at cold stone.

He was SO exhausted and so full but so excited! It was a great end to the day and Mike and I got to spend some special time with just our older guy on his special day.

While tomorrow is his actual birthday, we wanted to make sure this day was perfect for him beginning to end and by the sound of the snores in his room right now...we did good!

Tomorrow, I plan on holding my 6 year old as much as he will let me. My very special Mother's Day present is still the most precious gift I was ever given. He gave me the title of MOM. I will never forget how he started from this tiny baby which didn't have much of a chance to this boy who now has the world of opportunities open to him.