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Monday, February 28, 2011

crochet cables

I have wanted to learn this forever! Crocheting cables is not the easiest task but after practicing and finally learning how to read patterns I was able to master it and complete a full hat! I'm so proud of it that I plan on keeping it for myself...which I never do.
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Mac N Cheese Expert

Oh, somedays my 5 year old seems more and more like a 13 year old girl. The "whatevers", "I Told You So's", and "Duh's" seem more frequent then the "I love you, Mommy's" but some days he still makes us giggle, even when he's being a pain.

Like today, Nathan decided he needed Mac N Cheese for dinner. He tells us all about how he wants Mac N Cheese but it has to be shell noodles because those are the best. While I agree that Velveeta Mac N Cheese beats out Kraft any day, it's amazing that my 5 YEAR OLD is descerning enough to understand the difference as well.

Then, when we tell him we're going out for dinner he insists that we go some place with "good Mac N Cheese", not the Kraft kind, because it "stinks" (another term that makes me believe he's 13 and not 5).

We say we're going to Olive Garden and he about has a fit. NO MOM! WE NEED TO GO TO OUTBACK BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE BEST MAC N CHEESE EVER. Dear Lord! My kid not only knows what he likes, but where to get the best! It's Mac N Cheese for heaven's sake! He is insistant we go to Outback but we tell him that Olive Garden really knows their pasta and he's going to get good Mac N Cheese there. We promise.

Seems that the little 5 year old inside who still believes his parents was able to get through because he agreed to go to Olive Garden. Good news for us because we had a gift card and it would be much cheaper than Outback!

We get our food and Nate is delighted to see they used shell noodles and not the other kid. He takes a bite and agrees, this is good stuff but still is very insistant that Outback is much better because you can put the noodles on the fork prongs and get 4 in your mouth at a time. LOL. This is apparently what makes good mac n cheese!

I love this kid.

Picture time!

Nathan before his hair cut...waiting patiently for his turn.

Nathan after his hair cut...again waiting patiently for his daddy to shop for jeans at the mall.

I love this kid :) I'm glad he's mine.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


These are my beautiful boys cuddling on the couch before school. Best Buddies!
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