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Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Wrap Up

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving even though the gathering was small. Mike's parents, Nathan, Mike, and I were all that got together but it was all very yummy and a lot of fun. To start off the day we went to Timbers, a local restraunt for breakfast. Heck...we were going to cook all day! Why not eat out for Breakfast? Thanksgiving is also mine and Mike's "dating anniversary". We've been together 8 years this year.

After breakfast we decided to go to the house and get ready for Thanksgiving lunch! Yes, this day is all about food for us. Nathan decided to put on his Thanksgiving Day hat! It's a Turkey, if you couldn't tell. He was all ready for Thanksgiving!

We spent the day eating and playing games. It was a good time over all. These next pictures are of Nathan, Mike, and Grandpa playing bean bag toss which ended up being a who can hit who the most!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Good Children's Book Recommendation

The Very Cranky Bear
Just a few weeks ago my little preschooler came home with his first Scholastic sheet and order form. I could remember being so excited about ordering books when I was in school that I HAD to give in and buy a few for Nate. I decided to let him pick out some and he circled everything. So, we went with The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland and the "If You Give a Mouse A Cookie" set. He'll get the set for Christmas but I let him have the The Very Crank Bear now.

This book is AWESOME. I just read it to my 4 year old dude and he LOVED it. Daddy even played out the story and acted as the VERY CRANKY BEAR himself. It was a good time. I loved the illustrations and the story was fun. Highly recommend it for other little dudes and dudettes :)