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Monday, November 15, 2010

Today I Feel Like Crap

See? This is me. Looking and feeling like crap. This is also my office ;) No worries...I took this picture waiting for my computer to turn on. I wasnt taking random pics during a work day.

I caught another cold. It is kicking my BUTT! The End
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You Talking To Me?

Hey! You talking to me?
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Having Two Kids Is BUSY

This is the first weekend we do not have Nathan since we've had Jacob. After nearly 5months of having the two most wonderful children by my side it's a little lonely in the house but there is a big lesson here.

Having two kids is much different than one. It is much harder. There is much more of your attention needed. In fact, double.

So, we're enjoying the quietness of the house even with the infant still here. Mike and I are taking this time to finally mud the hallway, fix the issues with the bathroom, and even finish the flooring. All these projects are roughly a year overdue. Jacob is sleeping through the morning so far just as well as he slept through the night! My little sickie poo is getting the much needed rest he needs finally now that he has anti-biotics for his double ear infection. Poor dude.

Nathan is visiting his great-grandpa with his grandpa in Michigan. Thursday afternoon Mike's dad asked us if he could take him to Michigan with him to visit family. Knowing there wont be much time for many more memories with Great-Grandpa Looman we said "of course". He is having blast playing with cousins, visiting with aunts and uncles and of course, seeing his great-grandpa. It is great to know he's getting this experience. However, I sure do miss my story teller and comedian. I'm glad he's back Monday and I hope he's ready for some cuddling with mommy before bedtime!

I have a goal to complete 3 hats this weekend. One for a paying customer in England and two for a dear friend of mine who has been patiently waiting - sorry Suzie!!! I promise I'm getting on it! Lucky for me it has been 90 in California so her kids wouldn't really be wearing them right now. That's not an excuse though.

Time to go get more stuff done!