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Friday, July 23, 2010

Sleeping Baby

Nothing more precious than cuddling with your sleeping baby. Here is to my last day of Maternity leave :(

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blogger App!

Who knew! Now I can blog from my phone! Sweeeeet! enjoy the upload of my little dudes. More soon!

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Creative Juices Flowing - Special Deal on Limited Edition Pixi!

Hello Everyone!

Oh I am horrible at blogging but even worse lately about making hats and being creative. In fact, I've been making the same 5 hats for the last year and a half! While this one isn't exactly a new pattern, it is much more creative than it had been. I used an awesome yarn, which I love and have used for many projects, called Lambie Pie from Bumble Bee Yarn. It is so soft and the colors are awesome. I made this pixi newborn hat for a photographer friend of mine on a trade. I would love to make more as a limited edition. If you are interested...comment here or message me at If you you place your order for this newborn pixi ($20)using the special codeword BLOGGER I'll be happy to cover the shipping! That's right FREE SHIPPING! offer. Once the yarn is gone there will be no more!

Here's to hoping my creative juices continue to flow! Hopefully I'll have more items listed shortly!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Birth Story: Jacob Michael

On Wednesday June 9th I was feeling some crazy contractions and sharp shooting pains in my lower abdomen. I had been having a lot of false labor in the past weeks but was already scheduled to come in for an induction that evening so I tried to wait it out.

Yeah, for like an hour.

Then I called and asked if I should come in even though I was already scheduled. They said they weren't too busy so come in. We left Nathan with my parents and jumped into the car.

After checking my cervix they had found I was progressing so they decided to check me in but forgo the induction meds at the time being. The pains were still coming but they were less and less frequent. I have no idea why they didn't start the meds then since I was already there but I'll come back to this.

The next morning - no contractions. They start the pitocin since they said my cervix was nearly gone. Woot! I'm thinking this is going to be a quick delivery since it is my second baby after all right?

Oh I was so wrong.

Now, step back 5 years and a month when I was having Nathan. At 36 weeks I hadn't dilated and my cervix was completely closed when they had to induce me. After a night of cervidil to soften my cervix and 8 hours of pitocin my little dude was born. Without meds.

Back to June 10 noon I was really feeling the pain and was at 4cm. I could have started the meds but I was sure that it wouldn't be long now, right? I really wanted to forgo the meds. I have a bad back and I knew it was going to be very hard to do an epidural.

2pm and they break my water and hook up internal monitors to listen to Jacob and monitor contractions.

4pm and they check me again. The nurse tells me I'm fully dilated and we'll be pushing soon. I am thinking THANK GOD because the pain has gotten horrible. Mike and I get excited about having this baby. Another nurse shows up and checks me for a second opinion. She says she is sorry to report that I'm only at a 6 and there is a lot of cervix yet to thin out.

WHAT??? I MEAN WHAT???? According to the doctor and 12 hours of nurses I haven't had any cervix for the last 12 hours but now there is a lot left? This is where I started getting pissed about not being allowed to have cervidil the night before.


The first drugs were IV. I don't remember the name but I believe I now know what Acid is like. The pretty flowers were moving on the wall and I was off in lala land. It lasted 30 minutes but it was the best 30 minutes of the entire delivery...besides having the baby of course. Then it was gone and the pain was back with a vengence. They gave me some more but it was like I was immune to the pain relief. So, I asked for an epidural.

I wont go into detail with this ordeal besides the fact that it took 2 anethesiologists and over 3 hours to get it into place and it only numbed half my body...the left half and my hips down to be exact. While I was happy my lady bits and bum were numb and would be even happier later I was still so very upset that I could feel every pain of the contractions.

Finally at 11pm...yes doctor checks me and says we're at 9cm and the cervix is nearly gone. They started prepping the room and at 11:15pm we started to push. I was scared as hell about this because I didn't push at all with Nathan. He just flew out. I asked if they were going to call the doctor but they said not until he was about ready to come which could take hours. At 11:30 I was ready for the doctor but the had to CALL HER IN. Time to stop pushing...which is not exactly easy once you get started. It took her about ten minutes and we were able to start pushing again. Just a little after midnight, June 11th, my second son was born.

Jacob Michael Looman was 8 lbs and 8 oz. and 21 inches long. Compared to my 5 lb first born he was GIGANTIC. They cleaned him and I up and we were ready for our first visitors. My parents had stayed the entire time at the hospital and were so excited to be there to hold their newborn grandson. I don't think I've ever seen my dad like happy. Around 2am they left and we all crashed. It wasn't until 6am that they brought Jacob in for a feeding. It would be the last time I'd get more than 3 hours of sleep since.

We stayed at the hospital till Sunday morning. I was VERY exhausted and didn't realize how the pregnancy, labor, and delivery had destroyed my body. I ended up with an infection that has still yet to clear all the way. My body still feels like it went through hell a month ago but I know from experience it will get better. Though it was a lot worse than my first delivery, it was well worth it. He's beautiful and a wonderful baby. He completed our family of 4 and we couldn't be happier.

*My computer is acting up or there would have been pictures along with this story. Hopefully once I figure out the issue I will be able to edit this post with them.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Family Pictures

I cannot believe I still haven't posted our birth story with Mr. Jacob Michael Looman but here it is 24 days later and I just can't find the time to write it all out! However, what I do have is some sneak peek photos that our friend Tanya took of Jacob and the family...they're SO very cute. I promise to have the birth story up sooner rather than later but it will have to wait till I have a more than a moment to myself ;) Sneak Peek Time!

Family Pictures...Nathan was not a fan of posing for these. He was very anxious to be doing anything else. However, we did get some good shots and he still acted like the ham he is!

Mike and his new buddy Jacob...this one makes me all teary. Nothing more sexy (in my opinion)than my husband being sweet on his kids.

My Two Boys...I'm going to be in BIG trouble once they start conspiring. So far, Nathan is a great big brother and I know they're going to be good buds.

Thanks for looking! I promise to be more attentive! I just have to get a schedule down...with a newborn. LOL.