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Friday, July 31, 2009

Dog Collar Giveaway

Dog Dazzle is having a give away! For anyone who has a doggie or knows someone who does pass this information along! There is a great variety of designs for different sized doggies. My favorites are The Roxy, Busy Day, and retro party.

Be sure to check out the blog too for more details and info about the seller!

Have a great day!


dogdazzle said...


Thanks for the great post and link. Please go back to my blog and leave a second comment so your name is in the list twice to give you two chances to win!

I saw your puppy pics. Too cute. Hope the pup is doing well - it's so much work. Our new puppy came July 3 and is keeping me so busy!

Anonymous said...

I love the Oscar collar :) Posted on her blog as well...