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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yarn Shopping

I am so excited. I decided to go yarn shopping this afternoon on Etsy and I found so many wonderful colors and textures from recycled materials - old sweaters, tshirts, and more - to buy from. I purchased this lovely skein called Bell Pepper in Handknits by Joselyn. I cannot wait to find something awesome to do with it. Will it be more hats? These colors would make AWESOME baby earflap hats! Or perhaps a scarf? It will just have to tell me when it gets here.

She has a lot more yarn that I'm interested in buying. I've "hearted" her so I'll be checking back often.

So, for now my yarn shopping trip is over but I'm sure the bug will call again. If anyone knew about how much yarn I already have at home you'd shoot me for making this purchase but I just couldn't pass it up. :)

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Anonymous said...

Love the color combo and the name is perfect! :)