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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Meet Molly...

Molly is our new Labrador Beagle Mix! She's 10 weeks old and the most adorable puppy I've ever gotten to cuddle with. Mike brought her home last night as a surprise. She's the best cuddler in the world. Nathan was SO EXCITED to see her this morning. He wasn't at all interested in going to school. Here he is with her.

With all this puppy business I am one beanie away from finishing a new listing for my shop. I'm in love with these varieties of colors. It's my traditional beanie style, which had been selling very well this past month, in a new color choice. I can't wait to get them listed and see how well they do! I'll post pics this evening once I get them completed!


Beth said...

She is super, uber, incredibly adorable!

Jessica said...

Thanks! We love her :) Even when she keeps *us* up all night!