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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things I'd Love To Work On

I’ve been a little crazy so I thought I’d make a list of some of the things I would like to work on.

1. I need to finish an order for some hats. This is my priority because, hello, it’s an order.
2. I’d love to create more ear flap hats for my shop so that once I get my pictures up I can put lots of different ones in my shop right away. Having things in stock makes it a LOT easier.
3. Create more Flat top hats…as well as elf hats. These are super cute and most of the ETSY world doesn’t even know I make them!
4. I would love to add more washcloths and body puffs. I have cotton yarn to do it even! I just don’t have time!
5. Baby Booties. I’m sure they would sell excellently paired with my original $5 beanies.
6. I have about 4 or 5 patterns I haven’t even touched! I’d love to work on something NEW.

That’s enough to have on my to do list don’t you think??? LOL.

Alright, here’s a poll to see if anyone is reading. Out of these items which one would you like to see in the shop first???

1. Flat top hats with pom poms
2. Elf Hats
3. Baby booties
4. Ear flap hats

Thanks for the opinions!


Beth said...

I don't know precisely what an elf hat is... so naturally I am 100% fascinated :D

Anonymous said...

I vote for ear flap hats!

The Hunt Family said...

as fun as elf hats are....people are going to eat up those ear flap hats for fall, including me

Jessica said...

I have to say the earflap hats are my favorite to make too...There's just not enough time to work on everything!