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Monday, August 3, 2009

What I've Been Working On

I feel like I haven't listed anything new in such a long time but the truth is I'm doing a lot of orders for photography studios who have asked for trades or have orders in. I've finally finished my last one and I'm anxious to start working on stuff for my Etsy site again to get my sales rolling.

Here's some pics of my own for what I'm shipping out tomorrow.

This one might not look like much in this picture but it's adorible on. It's made of acrylic yarns in white and rainbow. Perfect for a little girl keeping the sun off her face. This is in a size for a three year old to teen.

I adore this little boy visor beanie. It's made in a size to fit a 12month - 2 year old. The colors were actually inspired by my husband who loves this combination. I'm pretty sure I'll be making one of these for my son once I get a moment.

I'm thinking of featuring Mommy & Daughter combos. This pic shows an adult visor beanie and newborn - 4 month baby beanie. It's quite adorible together and of course my pics don't do it justice.

And here are the girl beanies all together. The chocolate mint one is a new favorite color combo of mine. I also like the pink flower with it. You'll be seeing more of these colors in the near future!

Other then being busy with this project I've done an adorible earflap hat in rainbow. It actually looks tie dyed and it's awesome. I just keep thinking of the perfect hippy baby to wear it. I'll get it photographed sometime here shortly :)

Thanks for looking! Expect much more on Etsy in the next few weeks!


Anonymous said...

The white hat with the rainbow is super cute! :)

Jessica said...

Thanks! It looks like a cute sunhat on. I had fun making it.

The Hunt Family said...

so cute!!!