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Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm Too Sexy

Alright, so to me this sounds like a great idea...announce a song a day that really portrays what type of mood I'm in or kind of day I'm having. I got the idea this as I drove home from work yesterday. I was thinking about how I was feeling like a bit of an emotional nutcase yesterday and on came the song by Sheryl Crow called "Strong Enough". It completely fit my mood.

Today, is my birthday and I'm not really chosing a song. It was chosen for me by my friends at work. I got to work and all my friends had the I'm Too Sexy song by Right Said Fred in their heads and they changed the words to fit me and my position at work. You's the I'm Too Sexy for my car song! They're crazy. I love them. It does fit my whimsicle mood today. I think you have to be whimsicle on your birthday, it's the law ;)

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