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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Angel Soft Baby Blanket

I'm currently working on a few projects but this one I started yesterday and I've actually gotten quite a ways done. It's a baby blanket, which will be 36"x36" when it's finished. It's made from Bernat baby Boucle' in white and is very soft. I'm about 1/3 of the way done so far. It's going to be going up in my Etsy shop, as I currently don't have anyone to make a baby blanket for. I'm thinking the price will be around $15 which is pretty inexpensive for a baby blanket which could also be used as a photo prop for someone who photographs newborns. I'm going to make a matching hat as well, once I'm done with the blanket.

I've actually gotten a little farther than this now. I plan on being done by the end of the week if I can work on it every night once I get home. Should be easier with school being done! I'll get some pictures of the scarf in process and maybe a few of my other projects once I have a minute...that is, if I'm not working diligently on this blanket!

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