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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Review (Lots of Photos)

Catching up on some blogging. Been going full speed these days and it is time to catch up on what has gone on.

Halloween was awesome this year! We normally have grandma and grandpa at our house to hand out candy and then take the littles around our block. Since grandpa was working and grandma was nursing her sprained ancle we decided to join our daycare family for some trick or treating!

Before that got started, Nathan came to my work dressed in his costume to do some trick or treating! I was shocked he wanted to be a Mario Brother for Halloween. Seriously, how awesome is that? Also, how old is my kid already? We looked everywhere for Mario but Luigi had to do. Lucky for us another kid in his class was Mario so it worked for the both of them.

Nathan in my mess of an office

Nathan got some Vampire teeth and couldn't wait to try them out.

While Nathan was playing at Mommy's work, Jacob was having a great day at daycare with all the kids! He was dressed as a the skunk.

His little tail bobbed when he walked :)

Then we got together and went out trick or treating with our friends!

This is Nathan and his best friend Miles. They met at daycare and when they get together it is like they never spent time apart. I love watching and listening to these two together...even if Mile's is a Vikings fan :)

Jacob spent most of the time in the cart as we walked around but it was lots of fun. We had an awesome time and look forward to doing it agian next year. We also got more candy than we can even think to eat! In fact, we had to toss the leftovers from last year to make room for this year!

Hope everyone else had a great Halloween too! I can't beleive it's time to get ready for Thanksgiving already!

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Lindsay said...

Bahahaha! Love that silly moustache! Too stinking cute!