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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Etsy Treasury and 5K Update

I created an awesome new Etsy treasury called Ready to Run . It's an ode to all the awesome running stuff I want right now off Etsy. I'm actually really getting into this running thing...

That being said, I've had a really off week. I weighed in at weight watchers after working really really hard and gained a total of 3 pounds. GAINED?!? Yes. It was pretty mind blowing. Sure. I could explain it because muscle weighs more than fat...blah blah blah. It didn't matter to my head. I needed a mental break. The last 4 days I haven't tracked one calorie. I did manage to complete my run on Saturday which was good. I then didn't run for the next 3 days because I was feeling "off". I was sickish. Just feeling crappy.

I caught a break today. My friend has a membership at the local Y and I got to run indoors. Something is just so much easier about running on a treadmill than outside. I ran 13 minute miles (better than my previous 15 to 16 minute) and felt pretty darn good. One more week of couch to 5K which is good because my 5K is in just 10 days!

Already thinking about finding the next 5K to do. Even thinking about doing a 10K next year. I am crazy but it feels pretty awesome.


Lindsay said...

It IS pretty awesome!

Anonymous said...

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