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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Week in Michigan

While we have been here in Michigan, the days have been long and the emotions have run deep. Mike's grandfather passed away yesterday after a battle with dementia. We have spent the last 4 days praying and being by his side as he fought to take his last breaths. After yesterday we were emotionally spent. Today we spent the day gathering our hearts back together. I spent the day with my mother in law and playing with the boys.

We built a fort, played with loud toys, and ate out. Later on we decided to meet with my father and brother in law for dinner and some shopping to spoil the boys...and spoil we did!!! Nathan got some new t-shirts for school and Jacob got a few new outfits as well.

Pictures from our day include:

Nathan in his fort playing the drums.

My Jacob playing with some fabulously fun toys at Aunt Tanya and Uncle Goofy's house.

Caleb and Jacob playing in the ball pit.

Jacob eating at dinner. He loves his rolls and corn on the cob. Happy happy boy moment!

All of our boys together after a great day.

While it is emotionally draining it is beautiful to see the kids together and spend some time with family.

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