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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Obsession Confession: Purses

I once wrote a blog regarding my obsession with lip balms. I went through a phase where I purchased many many over a month and a half period or so. Other things I am obsessed with on a normal basis include shoes (which I have done very well at staying away from) and purses. Oh yes, purses. I could purchase a zillion purses and still desire more. One for every occasion...or day. I love them. My husband is always making fun of my purse choices. The length of the strap, the color, the size...he doesn't get why I would want so many. This is why I was SHOCKED when he came home with this!

It's a Sherpani Pinot S11. CUTE! I love how the company is big on sustainability.

Product Overview
Fun and flirty, small and light.

Product Details
•Earth Friendly - 67% Recycled Fabric
•Exterior zippered pockets
•Large opening for easy access
•Secure Top-Zippered Closure
•Smooth Webbing Handles
•Foam bottom for stability
•9.5in x 8in x 5.5in


It may look small but it holds everything my large purse was holding ;) You too can get one from the Sherpani website OR if you are in the Winona area stop by Sole Sport, the new outfitter store in town.

Good purchase Mr. Looman. You have a happy wife.

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