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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Long Drives

The time it takes to get from Minnesota to Michigan is 8.5 hours. On the way there I completed 2 pairs of fingerless gloves. On the way home I completed another. I now have completed 5 pairs and have started my 6th. I'm a little obsessed with this pattern but more than that I plan on giving these away as Christmas presents to co-workers and friends this year.

While I faired well on the drive there and back chit chatting with my mother-in-law about life in one year old was not as much of a fan of the long drive. About a few hours in on the way home he turned into the CRACK-ER MONSTER.

This was not a lot of fun. In fact, there was only a 20 minute break the entire trip where I was able to snag this precious picture.

Nice to be home. Jacob is already making up for the long drive by sleeping soundly in his bed and Nathan is watching Charlie Brown movies on the couch. Once he's in bed I'll get to school work and the happily crash in my own bed :) Not looking forward to going back to work but happy to start a normal routine again.

Etsy shop is back open! Once I get a good camera in hand, I'll have some gloves posted in the store ;)

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