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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mississippi Fun!!!

Today we took out Mike's stand up paddle board and put it to good use on the Mississippi. Mike decided to attach a handle to a rope and the rope to his dad's boat. Then he let the boat pull him, kinda like water skiing. You should have seen the looks we got from people! LOL.

There was some falling in the water...but it's all in good fun :) Eventually we got my son on the board with his daddy and they went slow behind the boat.

I even got a turn on the board but wasn't brave enough to stand...just follow behind on my knees. It was a blast and I can't wait to get better so I can stand behind the boat and play in the wake.

I love living in Minnesota and playing in the Mississippi! This is one of the reasons I could never see myself leaving the midwest and going back to California. I love where I grew up and I do miss it from time to time...but it's a different lifestyle. This is exactly where I am supposed to be :)


The Hunt Family said...

you look so freaking adorable in that pic

looks like fun

Angie said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!