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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Too Stressed!

Well, I haven't had any time to create lately. I've even put a blanket I was working to finish on the back burner. Baby is coming by C section on Wednesday. I will need to finish that this weekend.

Work, school, lia sophia, Etsy, home maintenance, family, friends and all the rest of life has kinda caught up to me in a mess of fury leaving me no time to destress. This weekend I'm going to take care of all the little things that are driving me NUTS. Hopefully this will ease some of the stresses.

I'm also freaking out because I'm praying I'm pregnant. However, tests are negative but it's still very early. I'm going to stop testing until my actual period due date of Monday. I figure by then tests will show what's up for realz. Till then I can't believe them anyways so why even test? Besides, it's adding to my stress levels. I feel like I could be pregnant but I also am starting to show signs of getting my period. I can't tell what's stress related and what's not. See...if only I had my knitting I'd feel much better. I plan to make time for it this weekend.

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