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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Toddler Hats and Sales!

Oh man, am I shaking! I have had so much coffee today my head might just spin off my body! Just visualizing it makes me giggle to myself inside of my cubicle.

I have completed a ton of new hats for my Etsy site.

They’re really soft and pretty adorable on. I need to find a baby that will let me make it my model so you can see that. I’m also finishing a baby blanket. I don’t believe I’ll list it as I’m sure I’ll keep it as a present for someone…or maybe we will need it in the future? Nope, not pregnant yet but stay tuned!

I’ve had a scarf sale going on since January and no takers! Pretty bummed and ready to end the sale. Oh well. Good thing this is just a hobby and I’m not determined to make it my income!

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