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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weighing In...

I have always had a problem with my weight. Ever since puberty reared its ugly head, I was chuberiffic. Yep, a regular fatty. There was once in the college days right before I met my husband that I decided NOT to eat and I lost 40 pounds. Then one day I ate again and gained it all back...with some. Then I had a kid and added an extra 20. Then, instead of losing that I gained 20 more with the second.

Now I'm 80 pounds overweight and hating it.

So I've joined I tried it before but wasn't committed so I cut my membership. I'm back though. It's a lot like weight watchers but without points, just plain ol' calorie counting and fat intake monitoring. You know, the crappy stuff. I have a goal, it tells me what is good and what is bad. It gives me happy faces for intake of vitamins. It tells me when I eat too much fat or sugar.

I don't plan on taking you all on a weight loss journey but I will keep you updated. I know many have weight issues, so if this site does work for me it might help other readers. Or not.

Time will tell.

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The Hunt Family said...

I'll join ya in 2 months kiddo! It usually takes me a good year to lose baby weight. We can bitch about expanded waistlines together