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Monday, May 30, 2011

Is it Tuesday Yet?

It has been a rough week...

My car died. With just $1500 dollars we don't have it can be fixed!

Then my grandma died...sorry to report but no $1500 fix there. Wishful thinking. Stupid dead car took all my money so I couldn't run out to California and be with my family. I know it is stupid but I really feel like beating my car up with a baseball bat. Since that would add to the bill, I will stop myself.

Once I thought it couldn't get worse my dad ended up in the ER with a nose bleed from his blood thinners that he takes for his heart. It was pretty bad and took hours to stop. I worry about that guy a lot. ::insert worried look here::

It's also finals. I can't keep my mind on the finals. It all just blurrs and before I know it I'm traveling Etsy and Facebook for items and updates to block out the pain and over thinking.

To end this post that has gotten all down...I shall end with some cute pics of the kids taken this weekend. We did have some great times at the park and over at Mike's parents house so the weekend wasn't allll bad. Just rough.

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The Hunt Family said...

I hope you have a better week!! The boys are so handsome.