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Friday, May 20, 2011

Hot Off The Hook: Pink and White Ear Warmer

Oh Yes...rather than doing school work or working on some other orders I have in que I decided to do something short so I can once again feel accomplished. I bought this pattern a few days ago from and decided to give it a whirl. I had some superwash wool that I had yet to find a home project for so I got it out and started working with it.

This is the result!! LOVE IT! It is a pattern that can be accomplished in a few hours and really made an outstanding ear warmer. In fact, it's now for sale on my site if you go here Mommy's Time Out

Yes, it's Spring and almost Summer so why am I doing ear warmers? I love camping and it still gets cold and this would be perfect! Not a bulky hat but something to keep the chill off. It's also Winter in Australia and I do sell a few items Down Under now and again.

So what is next? I'm working on a cute Turtle photography prop outfit, a pink felted baby cocoon, and some more head bands (but more for spring). I'm also still trying to get some more animal beanies and diaper covers done. FULL LOAD!

More posted later :)

1 comment:

Amber Comrie (Glass Poppies) said...

That's adorable! Once winter comes around, I may have to snag one of these for my constantly frozen ears. :)