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Friday, April 30, 2010

A Love Letter To My Uterus.

Dear Contractions,

Please stop. Now.


Jessica Looman

At 33 weeks and I'm in preterm labor. I'm taking meds to stop the contractions but now we're also seeing symptoms I'll go pre ecclamptic again. They haven't diagnosed it yet but this exactly what happened before Nate was born. I'm just waiting for the doctor to catch up. If I were going to get preggo again I would not be using my family practitioner. I just don't think she really has the time. I should have gone to an OB. I thought about it but since I didn't last time, I didn't this time. I should have. So, word of advice ladies.

I have not gotten much crocheting done. I have some school work to do tonight and tomorrow and then hopefully Sunday I will catch up. Then, hopefully I can post some pictures. Just been a rough few months to get anything done. School is just kicking my butt. Which it should. After all, it is a Masters program.

Until later.


The Hunt Family said...

Dear Jessica,

It's never too late to make a phone call and express last minute concerns with a new doctor. I will try not to get preeclampsic on your ass if you promise to keep your feet up and stop stressing me out. We are in this together....

your tired, worn out uterus

Jessica said...

LOL. It's always nice to know that my uterus has by back. Awesome.