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Monday, July 5, 2010

Family Pictures

I cannot believe I still haven't posted our birth story with Mr. Jacob Michael Looman but here it is 24 days later and I just can't find the time to write it all out! However, what I do have is some sneak peek photos that our friend Tanya took of Jacob and the family...they're SO very cute. I promise to have the birth story up sooner rather than later but it will have to wait till I have a more than a moment to myself ;) Sneak Peek Time!

Family Pictures...Nathan was not a fan of posing for these. He was very anxious to be doing anything else. However, we did get some good shots and he still acted like the ham he is!

Mike and his new buddy Jacob...this one makes me all teary. Nothing more sexy (in my opinion)than my husband being sweet on his kids.

My Two Boys...I'm going to be in BIG trouble once they start conspiring. So far, Nathan is a great big brother and I know they're going to be good buds.

Thanks for looking! I promise to be more attentive! I just have to get a schedule down...with a newborn. LOL.

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