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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Family Blog

Mike had a boat show all day today so Nathan and I had some time to just hang out. I'm really trying to make each day alone with him filled with fun quality time before the baby gets here.

We woke up this morning and got some cereal. Then once we woke up enough to get dressed we went to the local bakery which specializes in doughnuts; amazing doughnuts! So Nate and I got there and he picked out his very own sprinkled longjohn. Yum!

We went to Walmart and got a birthday present for a friend. Bubbles for Nathan too, of course. I don't think I got anything for me. Which blows. Oh well.

Then off to the car wash. This is where we finished our doughnuts. Nathan ate 1/2 of mine too!

Home time! Mommy got started on the laundry and Nathan decided to dance in the living room and be entertaining.

Time for lunch! We had bought things to make PIZZA BAGELS! Take a bagel, add pizza sauce, some cheese, and pepperoni and ya got yourself a pizza! Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and enjoy! Simple, easy, yummy! Oh, and your kid will eat all of it because they made it. He had a ton of fun which you can see by the pictures.

After food we watched cartoons until nap time. That didn't go very well but eventually he did fall asleep.

Mike was home once we woke up from nap and we met him at the boat. The boat is in the water and ready for fun! We went and picked up sandwiches for dinner and then made our way to the boat. We had a ton of fun hanging out just the three of us and then eventually Amber met us at the dock and we were out again! It was the perfect ending to a really fun day!

Now, Mike is out sleeping on the boat...because he loves it. Not because I kicked him out. Although, I must admit it is nice to have the bed to myself and pregnant 8 month belly! LOL. We're cuddling while watching Dog 101 and getting ready for sleep time. I have some school work to catch up on tonight :( I guess you can't play all the time and get away with it! Oh well. Hoepfully tomorrow is more productive but I have to say with these days being so few left with just time alone with my Nathan it was well worth it :)

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