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Friday, October 14, 2011

What I'm Working On

It has finally happened! I graduated the Masters' program and I'm free! I am so excited to have gotten through the program but I'm also excited for the FREE TIME!

Here's what I've started working on

My friend asked me to help her out by making a baby blanket for someone she knows. I'm so excited! I'm working on the middle green square and then there will be cream and brown with more green in the mix. Going to look super cute and match the colors she is doing the nursery with well. I'm just hoping I can dedicate a lot of time to getting this done!

Of course my shop is still open but the orders are few. I haven't done a lot of advertising and I plan to pick that up once I get some of these other projects (like winter hats of the family). I look forward to spending more time being with the family as well. Our oldest is in first grade and needs some help in reading. He is a WIZ in math but you ask him to read or write and he freezes up. I'm glad to have more time to work with him. :)

Hope all is well with everyone out in blogland! Hope to see more of everyone in the coming days, weeks, and more!

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