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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bluey Monday

I had a rough Monday.

Someone broke into my car, took my diaperbag and a purse of mine (lucky it was empty). Then, after finding it didn't have any money or ID they tossed it all over the road. Like trash.

I seriously hate how some people have no care or concern for others. It's like they're missing that piece of their humanity. Someone should slap their mammas for raising them so poorly.

Slap. Their. Mammas

In other news, I'll be taking another 6 weeks off from school. Lots of time to do some more Etsy stuff right? Lets hope that is what happens.

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The Hunt Family said...

lol on the slap their mamas

I had a similar thing happen right out of high school. Someone broke into Carl (my blue Eclipse) and ripped out my stereo.... upon realizing that my stereo was crap, they threw it underneath my car. They broke my window, ripped out the stereo and didn't even take it. I would have had more respect for them if they had kept the stereo. fuckers.

I hope you didn't lose anything too valuable.