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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Creative Juices Flowing - Special Deal on Limited Edition Pixi!

Hello Everyone!

Oh I am horrible at blogging but even worse lately about making hats and being creative. In fact, I've been making the same 5 hats for the last year and a half! While this one isn't exactly a new pattern, it is much more creative than it had been. I used an awesome yarn, which I love and have used for many projects, called Lambie Pie from Bumble Bee Yarn. It is so soft and the colors are awesome. I made this pixi newborn hat for a photographer friend of mine on a trade. I would love to make more as a limited edition. If you are interested...comment here or message me at If you you place your order for this newborn pixi ($20)using the special codeword BLOGGER I'll be happy to cover the shipping! That's right FREE SHIPPING! offer. Once the yarn is gone there will be no more!

Here's to hoping my creative juices continue to flow! Hopefully I'll have more items listed shortly!


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