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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Story of My Non-Active Lifestyle

I think my decision to hate all things sports came when I was around 10. I can almost remember the day I made that decision. How I do remember it, which might not really be exact nearly 20 years later, is I was racing against the boys on my block. There were about 7 or 8 of them and I was the only girl. To be "fair" they let me start about 10 paces ahead of them. I remember the race where I actually thought I was going to win and last second the tall lanky boy behind me passed me up and won. I beleive they started to call me "pie lady" that day. It didn't make sense and it was actually a PARENT that started calling me that because I was round. Apparently, it made them feel better for being a horrible person. It caught like wild fire. I decided that I wasn't good at the sport thing and I should stick to the reading thing.

I tried again in High School and nearly killed myself trying out for basketball. That's right. High School basketball. It took 2 weeks and I found myself in a 6th period Spanish class my freshman year. I couldn't breathe. My lungs and body were not up to the challange of being fit.

I blamed living in the mountains and the thin air. In fact, the doctor agreed and I was freed from all exercise! What a relief. So, except for bouts of exercise programs and indoor treadmills once every 6 months I've lived a rather stationary life. I do like to kayak but find it very hard to do any exercise besides dishes or laundry.

That was until my friend Chianne decided she wanted a running partner and at the same time I decided I wanted to learn what it was like to be a runner. Maybe it's partly because my husband is working part time in a outdoor retail store or perhaps it's my loathing for my overweight body but something finally changed in me that made me WANT to get back out there and try this again. Chianne has introduced me to a program called Couch to 5K. I will admit, I was leery but this is what I was waiting for right? A chance to run? I even had my husband buy me nice running shoes from an expensive outdoor brand. I had to put them to use.

Week one, Day one: I thought I was going to die. I brought the kids along and it was a disaster. Honestly, I was shocked Chianne wanted to try again. I decided I needed daycare to get this done.

Week One, Day Two: Chianne and I went to Hip Hop Hustle prior to running. It was way too much. I had to start and stop the run constantly. I felt pretty pathetic. Then it rained. I liked the rain at first, then it turned into hurricane conditions. Not fun. But, it felt good.

Week One, Day Three: Chianne and I didn't get our schedules right. I had to do it alone. I had a sitter so I went. I even had a nasty swollen eye, but something in me told me to go. First part of the run I was miserable. I wanted to quit. I wanted to stop. I told myself that the "pie lady" couldn't do it. Then something clicked. All of the sudden I realized I was half way through the run and I hadn't stopped. I was doing it. My whole attitude changed and I felt amazing. I picked up my pace and I ran my run! I DID IT! The whole thing! No stopping! I felt silly for being so happy. It is just a 90 second walk and a 60 second run done 8 times, but I did it.

Today my friend Amber asked me for the zillionth time to join Weight Watchers with her. I asked my husband what he thought about it. I have talked about going before but the weekly meetings were just ANOTHER thing to add to my plate. Again, not sure what made me do it but I did. I signed up. My first meeting is tomorrow. Hopefully having another friend help me out in this type of program will lead me down the right path. She has a wedding in July that we're both in. I hope we are STUNNING. :)

Today was also Week 2 Day One of our run program. Amber came too. We ROCKED it. It was rough but we did it. No slowing down. Super proud. Again, it seems so silly but it really is a huge feat. I'm starting to LOVE running! I'm excited about being healthy and of all for my husband who has loved me through my nearly 50 pound weight gain since our marriage 8 years ago. Sure, two kids were the result but I'm sure he'd love to see me get back to my weight from before. I know I would.

Here's to my NEW active lifestyle. Time to leave the "Pie Lady" behind and win the race :) I can read books on my down time.

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Lindsay said...

Cousin I am SO proud of you! I smiled the whole time I read this! Once this weather gets a tad cooler I am going to start C25k again. I did this before I was preggo and actually kept doing it until I was well into my pregnancy and I loved it. Running was such an addiction I was NEVER a runner. It felt awesome and I know it will feel awesome again. If Weight Watchers end up working for you maybe you can do WW online? I go back and forth with it because I feel it will be a lot of work, but I guess it's the same as counting calories (or similar) and I did that to lose 25 pounds for my wedding.

GREAT job cousin, keep it up!! :)