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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Apple Picking in the Fall

My mother in law and I have been wanting to take the boys apple picking for quite some time now. We talked about ALL last year and didn't get to it. Then this year the conversation started last weekend. We knew we HAD to fit it in.

Today, we were discussing how we didn't have anything much going on and needed something to do. DUH IT'S APPLE SEASON! I asked her if she was coming to get me or if I was coming to get her. She said she would be here in 20 minutes while I got the kids ready. We were finally going!

We have a few orchards to pick from around here but we decided to go to Ecker's Apple Farm . It's only 15 minutes away. We arrived and were impressed by the amount of people. Apparently, this place is pretty popular. There was a sweet little cafe with apple goodies, a store where you can choose a variety of apples and fun gifts, and a seating area to eat your bounty. We decided to find out where to go picking first. A nice lady showed us to the bags we would use. We grabbed three bags and headed out to the orchard.

We started and quickly realized one bag could be filled easily off a tree all by itself but we wanted to do some more walking. So we decided to search for only the "big ones". This picture shows grandma showing Nathan what "big ones" look like and how to place them nicely in the bag.

I could tell Jacob wanted to get out of the stroller and run around but he was content as long as we gave him some apples to hold along the way. He had a good time :)

Jacob and grandma having a good time in the orchard

Nathan does a fantastic job filling up his bag of apples!

Jacob tries to pick apples from his stroller.

It was a really good time and the boys did very well. After we were done apple picking we decided to go in, pay for our apples, and grab a treat! We went with the Queen's Apple, which was actually developed, trademarked, and franchised by this farm! It's a nummy cored apple drizzled in an amazing caramel sauce then topped with peanuts, whipped cream, and a cherry! It was so very delish and we will be back for more.

Our time apple picking was a success! We had a great time and I ended up going home with 2 big bags of Honeycrip apples. NOM! Never spent so much on apples in my life but it was worth it. We will try and go again before the season is over!

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Lindsay said...

Nom is right! Looks like fun! I miss fall