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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Retail Therapy

So, today starts our 10 day streak without Nathan. Nathan is traveling to Michigan with his grandma and grandpa for camping all week and next weekend too. This is the longest we've ever been without our little dude and while we are excited to have some US time we're going to miss the little bugger.

I suggested to Mike that we take a few hours and go play in LaCrosse to do some shopping at Hobby Lobby and Best Buy. We first went to Best Buy and started discussing the purchase of a new laptop. I have been DYING for a new laptop for myself. We decided we could spend roughly $400. So we looked and looked and finally found one that was good for the price. Then the sales man came and told us all about needing to purchase Microsoft Office, warranty plans, tax...blah blah blah. Suddenly my $400 computer was $700. Not something we can afford right now.

I threw a little hissy fit and decided to get over myself. I'll just have to wait another few months or so. ::insert pout face here::

We started walking around and found ourselves looking at vacuums. Now, we've been talking about a new one for quite some time. Normally, we'd spend about $70 or so. However, after just discussing a $400 purchase the really awesome vacuum for $150 was in our price range and didn't seem so crazy. Plus, now we have a dog at home to clean up after. A nice one is a good investment...right?

And there you have it...we are now the owners of a new vacuum even though we just went to window shop in the first place. Gotta love retail therapy. Now I have to clean up the house so we can use the new vacuum. What a bad idea! LOL!!!


gigi goods said...

Being a Michigander, I can safely say that your son is going to see some of the best weather we've had all summer (if you can call it that!). I hope he has a great time...and you do too with your new vaccuum!

Tangerine Kitty said...

It's hard when you don't have them around. Hope you enjoyed your time.