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Sunday, January 22, 2012

When Is a Crochet Hat Worth $100?

A friend of mine is doing the 3 Day Walk for the Susan G. Komen foundation. Her page can be found here and I believe that you'll be touched by her personal story and determination.

I thought about how I would love to help and then it hit me. POW! I could make beanies and when someone donated $100 or more they would get a FREE beanie! Now it isn't just any beanie. It's a special beanie that would get the person wearing it noticed. Something that would attract attention and get people asking questions. Perhaps even interested in making a donation (no matter how small) themselves. This is why with great pride I introduce you to the BOOBIE BEANIE.

You can purchase this listing here.

I'm also giving FREE SHIPPING to anyone who donates any amount of money. I can also make another beanie or head warmer for those who don't fancy wearing a boobie beanie on their head.

Thank you to everyone who reads this and takes a moment to check out the listing. It is important to remember that someone out there needs our help, no matter how small. While I can't give $100 myself I hope that I can help encourage someone who can.

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