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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

Dear lord, I thought I had a ton of school work last semester but this semester seems to be 10 times worse.

Last semester was Strategic Finance. I thought I was going to barely squeeze by with a C but managed not only a B but a B+ thanks to my 100% final. The course was a mystery as obtaining finance information on companies is difficult unless you know exactly what to look for. I had no idea what I was doing until it finally clicked the last 3 days of the course. I guess I made it happen when it counted.

I was thrilled to take Strategic HR. After all, I've been in HR so how hard could it be? Very hard. Not because of the actual content. I do understand what is going on. THE WORKLOAD IS INSANE. I am working on a final paper, team final, individual case studies, and team assignments each week. Then there is a 2 question/discussion board assignment to complete as well.

This does not allow much time for crocheting, which makes me sad. I have so many great ideas and no time to follow through. It's annoying. When you aren't able to do the things that make you happy - it makes you pissy :(

October 11th and I'm done with my Masters. I just need to concentrate on the goal. Just Keep swimming.


DecoratedAndExhausted said...

Keep your eyes on the prize cousin, you are doing GREAT! :)

BTW...Nuggie's name is going to be Rawley (pronounced like Raliegh, North Carolina). We have been keeping the name under wraps, but have only told family. Mainly because anytime you say what the name is people look at you like you have five heads ;)

Love you!

Jessica said...

I love the name!!! I'm not just sayin' that either. He's going to be an awesome little nugster! I want to kiss his little cheekies! Can't wait!