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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Good Children's Book Recommendation

The Very Cranky Bear
Just a few weeks ago my little preschooler came home with his first Scholastic sheet and order form. I could remember being so excited about ordering books when I was in school that I HAD to give in and buy a few for Nate. I decided to let him pick out some and he circled everything. So, we went with The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland and the "If You Give a Mouse A Cookie" set. He'll get the set for Christmas but I let him have the The Very Crank Bear now.

This book is AWESOME. I just read it to my 4 year old dude and he LOVED it. Daddy even played out the story and acted as the VERY CRANKY BEAR himself. It was a good time. I loved the illustrations and the story was fun. Highly recommend it for other little dudes and dudettes :)

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